About GDES


The Global Digital Economy Summit was conceived as a result of the need to position JCI members, as global citizens, for opportunities in the digital world and help individuals, businesses and economies recover from the adverse economic effects of the pandemic.

The Objective

The Summit is aimed at building corporate relationships and promoting business exchanges among the key sectors of the economy across different countries of the world. The event will provide a platform to share global knowledge, expertise and creativity that exists in collaborating National Organisations to the need for an inclusive digital economy in Nigeria.

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GDES Focus

The Digital Economy

GDES will be beaming its light on these major components of digital economy through the keynote address, panel discussions and networking sessions

The Summit

JCI Nigeria Global Digital Economy Summit is a cross-continent business exchange program.

At JCI Nigeria, we understand the importance of creating development opportunities for local businesses and entrepreneurs through the huge benefits from a digital economy and how it can contribute significantly to the growth and development of the country. We believe that the summit will not only birth great ideas for a sustainable digital economy, but also develop the action framework to implement the ideas into reality. Participants will have access to a bouquet of business exchange programs and be exposed to key digital opportunities.

Global Digital Economy Summit 1.0

Panelists and Speakers


The event will be attended by young and veteran entrepreneurs, business thought leaders across Nigeria and investors. The event will also feature a panel of key stakeholders in entrepreneurship and SME development in Nigeria. Also present will be our partners and the media.

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