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Global Digital Economy Summit

JCI Nigeria Global Digital Economy Summit is a cross-continent business exchange program 

Junior Chamber International Nigeria is promoting the participation of youth and thought leaders in boosting the economy driven by digital technologies.

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The Digital Economy

GDES 2.0

Theme: Digital Transformation – Defining our Success Pillars

Keynote Speech

Achieving Digital Inclusion for Women & Children pan Africa.

1 Speaker

Theme Session

Digital Transformation: Defining Our Success Pillars

1 Speaker

Networking / Breakout Session

A cocktail event with the aim to provide physical attendees opportunities to meet, exchange contact, and collaborate.

Panel Session 1

Preserving Mental Health in the Digital Age

4 Panelists

Panel Session 2

Governing and Harnessing the surge in digital data for the global good.

4 Panelists

Other Activities

Panelists are Industry Leaders, Heads of Co-oporations, Directors of Non-Governmental Agencies and Thought Leaders, Drawn From Different Sectors of the Economy


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Global Digital Economy Summit 2.0

Expected Participants

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